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Embrace the beauty of your natural grey. Your ‘grey’ceful transition awaits with macleodbradley.

Transitioning to grey hair can be a beautiful and empowering journey.

Imagine the freedom of embracing your natural silver strands, celebrating the unique and stunning look that is authentically you.

At our salon, we understand the emotional and practical aspects of growing out grey hair, and we are here to support you every step of the way with expert techniques and compassionate care.

Let us help you blend your grey with style and confidence, turning the passage of time into a statement of grace and elegance.

Over the last few years, grey hair blending has gained massive momentum, a large society acceptance allowing us to embrace our greying hair.

Watch our grey blending video:

What is grey hair blending?

Otherwise known as ‘The White Hairs of Wisdom’, grey hair blending is a hair colouring technique designed to integrate grey hair with natural or coloured hair, creating a seamless and natural look.

Unlike full coverage, which aims to conceal all grey hair, blending works with the grey, incorporating it into the overall hair color. This method is especially popular among those who wish to transition from coloured hair to natural grey gradually or prefer a low-maintenance approach to managing grey hair.

Using this technique, highlights are strategically placed throughout the hair to either blend out and compliment the grey hair then toned to a colour of your choice, guided by us, the professional, or to soften out the demoarcation line from your previous full head colours. Creating a softer finish and regrowth as you start your journey.

As we loose the pigment in our hair we are also loosing the pigment in our skin. As a result, our previous colour choice no longer compliments our skin tone the same.  This is why it is paramount to come to us for expert advice and guidance on your new colour, desired end results and how to maintain these results at home.

Let’s focus on ‘the Joy of Living’ vs ‘the Fear of Ageing’.

Tips and tricks on how to look after your hair

Use heat protection

Heat will burn out the tone of your colour leaving a brassy yellowy blonde.

Use a purple shampoo

This helps to keep these tones cool/neutral to compliment those blended greys.

Adjust your brows/make-up

Your new cooler tones can sometimes leave you feeling a little washed out.  Enrich and darken your brows to bring your face back to life and make your new colour stand out.

Advantages of Grey Hair Blending

Natural Appearance
Grey hair blending provides a more natural look compared to traditional full coverage colours. By mixing grey strands with similar shades of colour, it creates a nuanced, multi-tonal effect that mimics natural hair colour variations.

Low Maintenance
One of the biggest advantages of grey hair blending is its low-maintenance nature. Since the technique incorporates grey hair rather than completely covering it, there are no stark roots when the hair grows out. This reduces the need for frequent touch-ups, making it a time-saving and cost-effective option.

Gentler on Hair
Grey hair blending often uses semi-permanent colours, which are less harsh than permanent colours. These types of colour typically contain fewer chemicals and do not penetrate the hair shaft as deeply, leading to less damage and healthier hair overall.

Gradual Transition
For individuals transitioning to natural grey, blending offers a smoother and more gradual change. It helps in avoiding the stark contrast between coloured hair and new grey growth, making the transition less noticeable and more aesthetically pleasing.

Customised Solutions
Hair professionals can tailor the blending process to suit individual preferences and hair types. Whether it’s using highlights, lowlights, or a combination of techniques, grey hair blending can be customized to achieve the desired look and complement the client’s natural features.

This technique works well with various hair colors and styles, providing versatility. Whether you have dark, blonde, or red hair, blending can be adapted to suit any base color and can be applied to different haircuts and lengths.

Enhancing Hair Texture and Dimension
Blending grey hair can add depth and dimension to hair, making it look fuller and more textured. The interplay of different shades can create a dynamic look, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Positive Psychological Impact
Embracing grey hair through blending can have a positive psychological effect. It allows individuals to feel more comfortable and confident with their natural appearance, reducing the stigma associated with aging and grey hair.


Grey hair blending offers a balanced approach to managing grey hair, combining aesthetics with practicality. Its natural appearance, low maintenance, and gentle impact on hair health make it a popular choice for many. By providing a customized, versatile, and psychologically uplifting solution, grey hair blending stands out as an advantageous option for those looking to embrace their grey gracefully.

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