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Why The Chunky Bob Is Spring’s Hottest Haircut

Boxy blunt bob
"This bob is defined by its chunky edge."
Carol Williams
Salon Manager, Senior Stylist & Head of Education

The perfect haircut for a subtle spring revamp, the chunky bob belongs on your hair moodboard.

This style is super popular in our hair salon right now. It doesn’t look razored (although it might be), and it has a blocky weight to the ends.

Often it also kicks out a bit at the ends, which gives it a kind of softness.”

Hailey Bieber is a recent convert to the style, and other stars who have sported it over the years include Kaia Gerber, Selena Gomez, Romy Schneider, Kelly McGillis (see the original Top Gun), and Christy Turlington, who has also given excellent chunky bob in her time.

It tends to be one length, but the way we’ve been doing it here in West Didsbury at macleodbradley, is taking the cut very slightly shorter around the face, just to help frame the features. They’re worn a little straighter than other bobs so avoid tonging or too much of a wave. This is a straighter, chunkier, heavier bob. It’s simple and more graphic than some other styles.

Super low-maintenance and easy to wear, if it’s cut right, it requires very little styling.

However, there are easy ways to switch it up if you desire, so it’s versatile too. As well as playing with your parting placement – chunky bobs look as excellent worn in a side parting as they do with a centre part – try injecting some movement into mid lengths and ends with texturising spray or volumising mousse.

We love O&M Surf Bomb, a texture spray that is a shot of the sea, delivering an effortless textured look. For a sleek finish, smooth flyaways with O&M Smooth and Shine Frizzy Logic Serum.

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